Workshop With The University Students

This is the event that I join and work with the university students. This event is 3 days long but me I can only join for 2 days. I and Sythong is the special students that join this event only us from Liger join this event. In the workshop we are the youngest students that in this workshop. This workshop is focus on insect and especially bee and wasp.

The purpose of this event is to encourage more people especially student to learn and research more about insect.  Insect is the most diverse animal on earth but there are less people that study about it. In the first day I learned a little bit about different type of insect and the expert  explain deeply into wasp and bee. He taught us how to distinguish between wasp and bee. He also taught us about some of the characteristics about those insect. In the break time I do some networking with the expert and the university students. The last activity that we do is learning about catching the bee and wasp by using the net. In the next day we have a field trip to Kampong Spue to catch more bees and wasps in the wild. We divided into two groups. On the route I saw a group of bees that build the nest in the tree hole but it hard for us to get it for our sample and I also catch some wasp too. This conference is the real life research which mean we are doing research like the expert too.  


Maker Faire event

A lot of Liger’s students join the Maker faire event to present about their stem project or to explore the event. This event is really good because we can share about our stem project and share the knowledge to the students that want to learn more about stem. I’m presenting on the first day about wildlife book that my group have worked on it for almost one year to create the book. I also go to explore  some of the stem projects like agriculture, chemical reaction, robotic and 3D printer. It’s really fun and I learned a lot from this event. I saw many interesting projects that I never know before. This event also have a challenge that everyone can submit their STEM project. I and Visal and some of the Liger students also join this challenge. We end up in the second place and we received 200 dollars.