700 meters Mekong Swim

This year is my first time that I tried to swim across the Mekong river. It’s a good challenge for me because I need to train a lot in order to participate in the Mekong swim. I never did something like this before I need work hard on swimming skill such as kicking, front cross, and press stroke. Every time that we have a swimming lesson I felt nervous especially the first start of the swimming. The swimming teacher encouraged us to swim in far distance when it just the first for us. I never thought about it before and I didn’t prepare for it yet because I never swim in a far distance. It’s really hard for me at the first time but after I trained more and more my swimming skill is getting better and better. I felt excited about the Mekong swim day. But when I’m actually prepared to swim I’m also a little bit afraid but I still happy that I can join this event. In the river, the wave is stronger than last year, so it affects a lot for swimmer and I’m one of them. I need to put more energy break through the wave. For the distance that I swam about 600 to 700 meters and I used around 19 minutes. When I arrived the other side of the river I feel tired but I felt proud of myself that I can across the river. “We never know what going to happen if we never try.”

Startup Weekend

3 days long, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. On my weekend I was attempted at the startupweekend event which was a global event where different kind of people all come together to create a sort of services or products in the category of business. It was a really experiential event where I learned about the business canvas and actually tried to implement this business to Cambodia. In a team of 5 with different skills such as but not limited to programmers, designer, survey and business model. Without communication, collaboration, networking we wouldn’t come up with this amazing idea where we could help the foreigner to have a good visit in our country. So basically in our app, we created a service for the visitors so that they can have the access to the information of the hotel, food, culture, temples, and others communication service. Even though we didn’t win but we proud of our idea and the commitment that we put into this business. One of my favorite highlights was to do networking with others people like the entrepreneur and seek help from them to help with our business model.  


There are many things that happen in Liger and from year to year Liger always have something that new. This Liger student started to learn cooking because next year we will cook our own food. I learned cooking for about 3 weeks and I learned cooking from Pa Matt which is our Liger’s chef. He created a presentation that explained us briefly about a different type of cooking. I also learned about safety things when we are cooking that also include the cross contamination safety. We watched some videos about safety strategy. The lasting that I learned about is the name of the meats, vegetables, fruits and other types of food categories. After we learned cooking for about 1 week we started to practice. We learned about cutting meats and vegetables. For vegetables, Pa Matt did the demonstration and we started to cut our own. In that time I’m not confident to cut the vegetables, my hand was shaken and what Pa Matt want us to do was cutting the onion and carrot into a cube. It’s really difficult for me because it’s my first time and it news for me. While we learned to cook we also learned about the kitchen equipment and tried to use the stove. I learned to cook a simple food like fried eggs, fried fish, steaming, blanching, slow cooking, deep fried, making bread and so on. Finally, we had a quiz about cooking and in the quiz, there are 6 categories that Pa Matt give the point and focus on.