Internship at Codingate

This year I had my first internship at Codingate that will last for about 1 month and a half. It will be three days a week but in the morning only. I and my other two friends are working on a health app for Cambodia called Sokhakrom. I heard that we will be working with a doctor and doing research about the smartwatch technology and its ability to provide us with data on human health. Unfortunately, it didn’t go as planned out, we spent most of our time helping to improve the feature and adding new features to the current app. I was flexible on the work and follow what they ask us to do because it was their priority. So currently, I’m working on the flow and design a new feature where the user can upload any suggestion topics that they want to know more in our app. So far I learn a lot from the team of how do they talk to their client and I got to learn how to write a health article. The team was really open and willing to help us with our work. But still, I can not wait to work on the smartwatch feature.