My name is Mengthong and I currently live and learn at the Liger Leadership Academy, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. I was born in my lovely hometown, Kampong Cham province. Here is where my memories begin, but also where I experienced living in poverty. I have learned many life lessons, especially after my father passed away and my family had to fight through the rocks that blocked our way. Even though I have faced many struggles, I am still able to enjoy life, love others, find my passion. 

When I first arrived at Liger I was very influenced by science, which built my confidence and opened my mind. I love everything about science and am always excited about exploring more within this field.  I am curious and determined. I always give 100% effort by involving my classmates and asking questions.  For my first year of Ecology exploration, I was known as Mr. One More. The reason behind it because of my passion and the curiosity about the topic. I asked and answered so many questions until everyone started to call me Mr. One More. 

During the first two years, I was convinced I would grow up to be a scientist. I am still very passionate about science, however, I now understand I need to learn as much as possible and push myself to leave my comfort zone and take risks. I have been doing more technology and engineering projects and I feel determined. I am currently taking AP Computer Science and my knowledge continues to expand.

Everyone is different; we deal with conflict and stress in many ways. Whenever I am stressed, I like to focus on inspirational speech and that motivates me. I need to speak aloud and express myself. I believe in one quote “Practice doesn’t make perfect, practice makes permanent.” I really want to build up all of these three strengths, do my best, and generate the best work possible. I hope you enjoy reading my posts and hearing more about my experiences and accomplishments.