Khmer Poem Book

Last year, the senior started to write their own poem about any topics that they feel interested to write about. I had written three different poems that were mostly related to education and the issues in my society. This school year we have been working on our poem book and in the first few weeks, we tried to edit to our poem. After we finished our editing, we started to put all of those poems into a format of the book. My first role with the poem book was to write the instruction and show a proper way to write the poem. In addition, my role changed to work as a person who manages and organize the book format. This role was really important because if the book didn’t have the same format it will look so awkward. So when the format was finished the students started to follow and use it as a sample. Even though this job was mainly run by me but I needed to communicate with other students and show them the update of the format since we had a different period of Khmer class. On September 24, 2018, we had our first book draft and it looked astonishing, everyone was really happy to see the book and what we had accomplished from the past few months.