kirirom institute of technology Visit

A lot of activities are in common with Liger and that community is called the kirirom institute of technology. The school was recently introduced to the students, it was established in 2014. The students have to take the IQ test in order to get a scholarship. It was blowing my mind, I didn’t expect the school location, curriculum and most importantly was to understand the common activities that are similar to our school. Here are some of the common activities, the students are boarding students, they are independence learning, they do a lot of projects with technology, and the school is located in the natural classroom. I recommend the Liger’s students and other Cambodian’s students who are interested in the technology field is to give it a try to the test. The students don’t need to be experiential with technology or English but they have to be really strong with logic thinking.       

Check out the link to understand more about the school: