Local Library

I think that education is really important, especially reading. Cambodian’s don’t read the book a lot because of their family economic so they don’t have money to buy the book for their kids to read so their kid has a hard time in reading and improving knowledge. So the purpose of making this local library is to improve Cambodian kid’s knowledge, reading, but it also tests about their integrity when they borrow the book to home, are they going to bring it back or not? Our group has created this local library to put in Cambodia but now we just put it around Liger community and at our hometown. So on we put this local library about 8 libraries in our community, but the next goal we will put the library boxes around Cambodia up to 30 library boxes.

Animal Guide

This exploration is call animal guide in this groups there are 13 members in this project. We are trying to help protect wild animals in Cambodia from hunting, lost habitats and to educate Cambodian people to understand how important animals is. We are making a book that will disturbed to all around primary school in Cambodia also to the world. In our book there are 87 species and 7 habitats. I am researched around 5 species and it is the first time for me to make a book and doing research. It’s hard for me to find the information about the animal in Cambodia but it is a great experience for me to learn and understand about it. After we collect all the information from internet and going field trips to research more information from expert or clarify the information. I turned the note that I have been research and turned it into the sentence. Some places that we go to research about our species and to get more information like Prek Toal, ACCB, Phnom Ta Mao zoo and some more places in Phnom Penh. We are not just research but we want to see and understand the real situation of the animal especially their behavior and how it look like. It’s took us almost one year to create this amazing book sometimes we are working extra time to get the final book. What I like about this exploration are that I can know more information about the animal in Cambodia but it also helping change Cambodia by making the Wildlife of Cambodia book.       

2015/2016 Yearly Reflection

Everyone here and in the world wants to change the place that they live and I’m one of them. As I traveled around I saw a lot of pollution going on. Some of the pollutions are coming from the waste of the factories. That waste flow into the river that pollutes the river and effects the fish. Not only the waste of the factory but also the waste that comes from human uses such as rubbishes and the waste that everyone exposes every day to the bathroom. In Cambodia a lot of people have their own vehicle, so every time that they travel even in short distance they still use the vehicle as their transportation. The smoke that come from those vehicles that we call it as the “carbon dioxide” is entering to our atmosphere every time. When the pollution still happen, so the air is full of pollution. Every time that we breath the air in it’s just the pollute air not the clean air. Not only Cambodia that have the pollution but around the world also face this problem too. Before in Cambodia is full of biodiversity with a mixed of different type of animals. But now there are less animals in the forest because more people start to hunt the wild animal. They hunt the wild animals for meat, skin, medicine and other uses. As they hunt more and more wild animals some species will descend into a danger position. Kour Prey is the significant species that only exist in Cambodia but when people try to hunt and deforest a lot this species now is no more left in Cambodia for the next generation to experience it.

In Cambodia there are a lot of pollution happening. If we want to change Cambodia to have less pollution we should try to use less vehicles. What I’m mation here not telling everyone stop using vehicle but what I mean that we should use the transportation in the importance moment and immediately. If we travel in short distance we don’t need to use the vehicle to travel ínstead we can walk and it healthy for our self too. In Phnom Penh there is a company that started the public bus for who that they don’t have their own transportation or don’t want to drive by their self. Most vehicles reduce the carbon dioxide that pollute the air. If we try to use the public bus we can decrease the amount of pollution in the city. This public helps reducing the pollution and provide the cheapest price and safety transportation for everyone. It also help the city to have less traffic on the road, so everyone else can travel quickly to anywhere that they want to go without worry. For who normally burning rubbishes and throwing rubbishes or the waste into the river can now try to recycle those things for the useful stuff, more resources with less money, so then we can decrease the amount of the pollution in this country. Most of the population in Cambodia they have their own TV, so by showing and advertise a short video that educate them about the impact of the pollution. The pollution can make the air smelly and bad for our health also the temperature can change if we increase the amount of the carbon dioxide. When they watch this video and see those effects, so then some people will try to help and support this video by sharing to other people. The more people watch and share the video, so more people will try to reduce the pollution. Education is still the main part that guide everyone to do something with thinking and guide them to walk in a nice way that everyone in the community agree with. For the hunter that usually hunt the wild animal for their own purpose because they are lack of money and resource. They hunt those animals for money from the people that need the meat, skin and medicine from the animal. For the restaurant and for whom that usually pay the hunter for the animal now should stop and instead help protecting those danger animals. The hunter have no choice to hunt those animals but where they belong in their community don’t have any job for them to work. In order to help the hunter we need the investor to help provide the job for them to work in the community, so they will get some money to support their family and no more hunter left.

Liger always think about changing Cambodia as a main point for student project. That project is not only about changing Cambodia but it also a good lesson to educate the student and help develop them. We are changing Cambodia by doing a seven weeks project at Liger. We take a small step to change Cambodia because we are lack of resource. This small step project it will help building the student mind about changing in the future. By doing the small changing it gives us an idea and a useful experience to improve the project after we have enough resource. When we have more resource and more experience we can improve it better and bigger to develop Cambodia.

Education is one of the important sector in Cambodia. In Liger we always think about change and we use the project that we do here and help to change Cambodia as much as we can. This year is the special year that Liger allow us to create our own exploration and choose our own teammate. Last year I decided to make an exploration with four  members in a team that we plan to make the local library for our community. As we notice that Cambodia have less book for the students to read, so the kid don’t have the opportunity to improve their knowledge. Local library is a box that retain some books inside and let anyone that interesting with reading can borrow it to home. This local library is useful idea for Cambodia. We are still learning, so every changing project we need some resources to run the project like this exploration we need the money, book and someone to help us build the box. In each exploration Liger give us with limit recourse, so for the local library we just change Cambodia with small step and try to use as much recourse that we have. We not just use Liger money to run this project but we try to communicate and work with to other organization to help us with the project. We asked them to donate us some books for the box, so then we can create more local library in different places around Cambodia. Our plan to create 30 library boxes to put in Cambodia but as we lack of recourse and have limit of time we can only create some to put in the provinces and the City. As the Liger’s students have the holiday we survey them about who would like to get the library box home, so the kids that live around their home can come to get the book to read.     

Learning in Liger we exposed to many amazing opportunities and projects. But if we take a look to the kids in the countryside most of them didn’t have the accessible resources to the learning materials like the book to read. So the local library is a creative project to get kids involved in reading and as well helping with their learning.  

700 meters Mekong Swim

This year is my first time that I tried to swim across the Mekong river. It’s a good challenge for me because I need to train a lot in order to participate in the Mekong swim. I never did something like this before I need work hard on swimming skill such as kicking, front cross, and press stroke. Every time that we have a swimming lesson I felt nervous especially the first start of the swimming. The swimming teacher encouraged us to swim in far distance when it just the first for us. I never thought about it before and I didn’t prepare for it yet because I never swim in a far distance. It’s really hard for me at the first time but after I trained more and more my swimming skill is getting better and better. I felt excited about the Mekong swim day. But when I’m actually prepared to swim I’m also a little bit afraid but I still happy that I can join this event. In the river, the wave is stronger than last year, so it affects a lot for swimmer and I’m one of them. I need to put more energy break through the wave. For the distance that I swam about 600 to 700 meters and I used around 19 minutes. When I arrived the other side of the river I feel tired but I felt proud of myself that I can across the river. “We never know what going to happen if we never try.”


There are many things that happen in Liger and from year to year Liger always have something that new. This Liger student started to learn cooking because next year we will cook our own food. I learned cooking for about 3 weeks and I learned cooking from Pa Matt which is our Liger’s chef. He created a presentation that explained us briefly about a different type of cooking. I also learned about safety things when we are cooking that also include the cross contamination safety. We watched some videos about safety strategy. The lasting that I learned about is the name of the meats, vegetables, fruits and other types of food categories. After we learned cooking for about 1 week we started to practice. We learned about cutting meats and vegetables. For vegetables, Pa Matt did the demonstration and we started to cut our own. In that time I’m not confident to cut the vegetables, my hand was shaken and what Pa Matt want us to do was cutting the onion and carrot into a cube. It’s really difficult for me because it’s my first time and it news for me. While we learned to cook we also learned about the kitchen equipment and tried to use the stove. I learned to cook a simple food like fried eggs, fried fish, steaming, blanching, slow cooking, deep fried, making bread and so on. Finally, we had a quiz about cooking and in the quiz, there are 6 categories that Pa Matt give the point and focus on.

Current Events

I really interesting with this project that about cleans up the ocean. There is a boy that come up with the passive system to clean up the plastic in the ocean. A passive system which means the system that doesn’t need any machine or energy from human to help. The system uses the ocean to clean itself. This system needs to attach to the seabed or the ocean floor. What unique about this system it takes less time to clean up the plastic. It needs 79,000 years to clean up the entire plastic but for this system, it takes only 20 years. If it takes a long time to clean up all the plastics. Some of them will start to fragment and all of the components plastic will turn to be the micro plastic, so the problem in the ocean would become exacerbate. So, the only idea that the everyone has so far is the passive system which can stop the micro plastic.


This video is really meaningful to me. For me and other students, we have Liger that always helps and supports us. Liger helps provide us standard education, the apartment to live in, health care, residential educators, the ability to study technology, etc. But if we compare to Gaspar Marcos, he was a boy that have in the video. His parents passed away since he was 5 years old. He doesn’t have any support at all even though he lived with another family, but he still has less care from the family. I’m really proud of what I have today and is really thankful to Liger which provides us this incredible opportunity. Gaspar Marcos traveled from Central America to Los Angeles illegally by the border. He migrated from Central America when he was 13 years old. There are a lot of students who are leaving Central America to go to other rich countries at a young age. Most countries in Central America are really poor, so their parents decided to tell their kids to migrate to other countries to get a better education and job. When their kids have a good education and job, they will send some money back to their parents. Gaspar Marcos was one of the illegal students that migrated to Los Angeles for a good job and better education. Los Angeles is a modern city but for him, he was poor, so he was simple compared to other people there. He works really hard with his job, and he averages only 3 to 4 hours to sleep per day. Sometimes when he comes to school he is really tired and yawns a lot. So he works extremely hard to get the money to buy food, study materials, etc. He also rents a house that is about 600 dollars per month. Most of the people judge the people only for their outlook like the people that come from Central America as an example, Gaspar Marcos.


This video is talking about a boy name Zion Harvey. He born without hands and legs. It really difficult for him, living without the hands. This boy needs the hand’s donation and the hands must come from a person that a similar age to him. In U.S we can donate our organs, hands and legs to who that need those things. If something accidentally happens to you and when they come to check your id card and it says donating hands, legs or organ. They can get those things and give it to who that need it. For the organs or any things that can be transplant it needs to move to another person less than 6 hours. For Zion Harvey, the doctor attached his hands it took more than 6 hours, so they use the machines to pump the blood into the transplant hands. In order to do the transplant from one person to another is hard. The blood type needs to be the same and it takes long times to find the correct one. When it has the same blood type it takes more times to connect the fibers together, it’s not easy to transplant the hands for Zion Harvey. After one year he gets the transplant hands. He is a first boy that do the hands transplant. After he gets the new hands he can do more things like push-ups, cutting the paper, etc. He really likes his mother and he said: “I will not be here is I don’t support and help from my mother.”


In the private school in South Africa call Pretoria Girls’High school there are many students that protest about the new rule in the school. This private school is really unique and standard but it allows only for girls to learn. The girls that have Afro hair is been racist by the school. The school wants the students that Afro hair need to change the hair style because it doesn’t look nice and tidy with the school uniform. But there are many students that protest to the rule because the hair that they have is normal for them and the hair already exists when they were born. If they change the hair style maybe it costs a lot of money and their family can’t afford for that and it unnecessary for them to change. The students protested in from of the school entrance but the students didn’t use any violent. They just sing a song and dance with their friends. This problem is getting popular and more people know about it by the social media. The government sends the ministry of education to have a conversation with the school and the ministry want the school to suspend the new rule.


In the class, we were watching the video about DNA Journey. In the video, there are many people that are coming from different countries. They interviewed all of those people about their patriotism. Some of them said that they liked their identity but some said that they don’t like their country like a woman said that she doesn’t like the government of Turkey. They collected the DNA from everyone that participate the experiment. After two weeks everyone gathers again in the same place that they met each other at the first time and the organizers have the results of each person DNA type. They have a special technology that can identify a person country and their DNA. The organizer asked each person to come and see their result and everyone shocked of the experiment. As an example one man, he said that he doesn’t like Germany at all but as the result, 5% of his DNA shows that he comes from Germany. This experiment is really cool and high technology that can identify everyone location. In the experiment, they found out that there is a cousin in the same room between a man and a woman. They all supervised to the result but this experiment shows that they are related to each other from their great, great, great grandparents’ DNA.


Tree is my friend

I see I smell, I taste, I touch, I hear

I taste, I touch

I see, I smell

And I hear


I see your face in my eye

I smell your flower that almost die

I taste your fruit under a dark sky

I touch your branch before you say goodbye

Suddenly, BANG, BANG BOOM!  I hear the cutting sound that makes me want to cry  


I see, I smell, I taste, I touch, I hear


I promise you, I will fight for your destiny

I will fight for what you want to be

Everything is possible as long as human stop being crazy


I hear, I touch, I taste, I smell, I see


I still want to hear about you

I still want to touch your leave that always new  

I still want to taste your lovely fruit more than two  

I still want to smell your blooming flower with a good view

I still want to see you


This is my last word for who always want to destroy you (trees)

And this message will never end it always true  

You can let yourself down

But don’t let your mine drought

The action of cutting the tree

Is the same way of destroying the view that you always want to see

Don’t Kill

Try to feel

And being a shield

Stop cut

And don’t make the forest being shut  

Imagine about the environment in the past  

The place where you can learn and explore outside of class

Organisms like plant and animal is a powerful free source

You can learn from it because it’s a free course

Take out your dirty mind

And give my friends a freedom and kind


Coding Game


This year at Liger I have a lot of coding classes. In the last round of Liger school year, I had participated in the economic game. Before I join this exploration team I need to take a brain test that really complicated and I need to get a curtain of the score in order to join the coding class. Finally, I can make it happen, so I’m one of the Liger coding members out of 16 students that also a team in the exploration. Before we actually have the exploration the Liger coding team had an expertise in coding, so we Skype with our mentor. He taught us about Github command, so then when we have an exploration we can use the Github website to share our code and interact with other teams. In the exploration, we divided into four teams which are user interface, tutorial, data, and engine team. In the tutorial team, we have four members and I’m one of them. Basically, the tutorial team is trying to create the tutorial to teach other people that learn to use the economic game. First, Michal shows us about the Javascript language and we use the Codecademy.com as our learning resource for Javascript. We learned the basic stuff like variable, function, loop and so on. For our game, we use four languages and my difficulty was learning about Javascript. I have fun with my team and the whole group and I learned a lot from the coding exploration. Even though we didn’t finish the game but we tried our best to accomplish what we can do.

Our Economy project: http://economy.rocks/

Chili Sauce Business

Every students in Liger are learning about Entrepreneurship it’s a real research and real business. In my exploration we divided into 4 groups. My group is the Outreach team and the other three groups are product development, label team, Legal and budget team. My group is the third exploration group. The previous group that already take the entrepreneurship class they explain briefly to my group at the sharation time about the Chili sauce business and some of the lessons. When we start the entrepreneurship exploration we already have a strong foundation about entrepreneurship and chili sauce business. In my Outreach team we worked on business plan, advertising, pitching and finding investor. For business plan my group need to work really hard and communicate with other group to get the information in order to prepare the business plan. It’s my first entrepreneurship business class, so everything is new for me I get a lot of experience from this class especially how to create a business. It’s way harder then what I expect the business should look like. When I learned in this class I notice that when we want to create a business we need to think a lot not only the budget but the first initial important thing is planing.

Chili sauce description:

A group of students from the Liger Learning Center have worked so hard to make your desire become true by bringing the ideal sauce that is 100% Cambodian ingredients such as natural handmade of Kampong Speu Palm Sugar, Kep Salt and Kampot Pepper. All of these ingredients allow Cambodian Dynamite to have the best sturdy, spicy, sweet and succulent taste. Our sweetness tomato blend with the red spicy chili adds terrific flavors to all of your favorite foods — fried rice and noodles, BBQ meats and veggies, pizza, french fries, and more! Give it a shake, give it a try, you’ll like it and share it/ you’ll die if don’t don’t eat it.
Everyone have always dream to get the healthiest, delicious and Cambodian made chili sauce and now!! A group of students from the Liger Learning Center have managed to make your desire sauce become true by utilizing 100% Cambodian ingredients such as natural handmade of Kampong Speu Palm Sugar, Kep Salt and Kampot Pepper. Our sweetness tomato blend with red chili will adds a sturdy, spicy, sweet and succulent taste to all of your foods — fried rice and noodles, BBQ meats and veggies, pizza, french fries, and more! Contact jeff.b@ligercambodia.org right away to touch and feel your first kid made, delicious, Cambodian and organic sauce before it’s gone then Cambodian dynamite will made you’ll say OMG.



This year we are focusing on speaking especially students pronunciation. In one week I have three pronunciation classes two days in Essential time and one day in expertise time.  Jan is our pronunciation teacher. He taught us to speak clearly, slowly and louder. In a few weeks I learned how to pronounce letter ‘V’ and ‘W’. It’s really difficult for me to pronounce those words and it confused me a lot. I tried to use those words in the correct pronunciation every day I speak those words. Now I’m really confident with those words. But I need to work on other things like pronounce the last consonant, pronounce the word to in correct sound and other fluency.

Some exercises that we used to improve our fluency like singing, do some recording and choose the words those are difficult for me to pronounce. We also practice our pronunciation by  some  books.

My favorite part of the pronunciation class are pronounce the word that used only mouth to pronounce but not make any sound and let my partner guess the word. The other favorite part of this class is listening to the music with headphone and let my partner pronounce the word and let me guess it. It’s really hard for me to guess because I can’t hear any sound, so I need to understand my partner mouth.