Supply of fans

This graph shows how supply changes. The shifter that makes the supply change in this situation is technology. The technology decreases because of the big tsunami. Look at the equilibrium to new equilibrium and compare both of them. When you look to the equilibrium point the price of the fan $20 and the quantity sold are 350 fan. If you look to the new equilibrium point the price is $40 and quantity sold are 200 fan. So it mean when that new bad technology produce less fan the price of the fan will increase up to $40 per 200 fan.


TV Broadcasting

In the TV Broadcasting group we learned about how to be a good emcee, film, and share the jobs. We divided into four jobs such as producer, research , editor, cameraman, and emcee. A producer has to make a script for emcee. The producer is the one that control all the job because producer tell what to do and check the information that we have . Also they need to make a storyboard and tell the cameraman what plot they want for the video. The research is the one that find the information to make the video and it is a big job because we need to have the good information. After all of this, they have to sit with the editor to tell what we want the video look like. A editor also has a hard work to do. They have to make sure that the video is right and what they want. A cameraman has to go to take a video with the producer. Before the emcee talks in the real show they have to understand what the script  about. In our class we made one documentary about Liger. Before we made a documentary we took some trips to some TV stations and met with the producer. We went to the CTN channel station and Apsara channel station. We got a lot of experience from the emcee and the producer. It helped us a lot when we made our documentary.


In this I had learn 7 steps that we can make the video:

  1. Equipment or Material
  2. Topic
  3. Planning

– Treatment

– Story board

  1. Research
  2. List of interview or schedule
  3. Start shooting or start filming

– Wide shot

– Mid shot

– Close up

– Pen(Move from left to right or right to left)

– Tilt (Move from up to down or to down to up)

– Follow shot

– Zoom shot

  1. Editing

– Soundtrack

– Graphic

– Effect

I learning about storyboard if we want to make a video we need to have a storyboard and in storyboard we need to draw something about the story or write to make more easy. Also if we forget we can look on the storyboard.

1.close up

2.mid shoot

3.wid shoot

4.follow shoot

Future Career

In Exploration round five we learned about Future Careers. We learned about how jobs will help Cambodia in the future. On the first day, we did personal profiles. We had to include our name, our strengths, our favorite things and our goal. We did that because we wanted everyone to know us when they came to our school. We also had a trip to SGFE (Sustainable Green Fuel Enterprise). It is the place where they make charcoal out of coconut shells. It really helps Cambodia because they take the waste pickers to work in there so that they have a good job and they can get money for their children to go to school. Also, they help the environment by recycling things. The next thing we did was the research project. We researched about the global problems. We got to choose our own topics. The topics were about Mekong River, chemicals in the food, poverty, nuclear energy, dengue fever and etc. Then, we went to job shadow. It means we are the shadow of the worker. We interviewed them about how they are working. Everyone got to go to two workplaces. The places that we went to are Northbridge International School, Plantation hotel, Small Word, Osja studio, A.N.D and more.

Entrepreneurship 3D printer


How to make a business?

  • Find the problem

First we need to find some problem and have some research because when you make the product your product need to fit their problem and when we know the problem we have the idea to make something.

  • Idea

When we  know the problem we need to have the idea that can help the people that need help. For our idea need to be very helpful because it not just our company that make it it have another people make too.

  • Find the customer

After we know what we going to make we need to find the customer that we think they will buy our product and our customer we need to find at last 3 customer. The customer we need to think about how old of our customer.

  • Email to our customer

We can make survey that have the question on it. When we email to them we don’t want to tell about our product but we can ask about their problem that relate to our product. When they answer and they have the problem that our product and we can tell more about our product.

  • Make a change

When we email to them and their problem not fit to our product we can make some change to relate to their problem by know what problem is the most when we email to them.

  • Start to make the design

After we have some change with our product we need to design a new one that can help them and the most problem that they have when we email to them but when we do another thing have less customer that buy your product.

  • Find another customer is we change

If we have change to our product we need to find the new customer because they have different problem and we need to find the customer that have the problem and our product can help them.

  • Job in the group

In the mostly it have 3 main job one is Marketing is mostly is about selling, Account is about money like the price the money that go in and out, design is the people that design the product what it look like and logo, blog we need to write about the exploration what we do every day, and research  all the thing that we don’t know or we want to know more we can research we can research about the place that we go how to make it and our competitor. In the group we need to have different job and every one need to have job to do.



  • Work in group

In the group we need to work together because it important when we work we can help each other and work in group is better than work our self.

  • Find who are our competitor

When we make something we need to think about our competitor because when we know we can make our product is special than another one. But when we make the product that bad than other company and our customer not going to but our product.

  • Make website or blog

We need to make the blog or website because when we sell to someone or met someone we can the blog or the website that tell more information about our product and what we have do in our exploration.

  • Find the price

After we made our product finish we need to make the price to our product easy when we go to sell we know the price product.

  • Find the place to sell

If we know our customer, our price and our product is good we need to find the place to sell and that place need to be our customer that they have the problem and our product it help them.

  • Research about that place that we go

Before you go to the place that you want to sell your product you need to research about that place before you go because when you go to their you can know about that place for the school you need to research a lot and you need to email to that school make sure they know that we go to there.

  • Make the business card

When we know the place that we gonna sell our product we need to have business card and on that business we can write our group email, and our blog. When they have our business they can go to our blog to know more information about our group and product. For email if the interesting our product and they want to buy they can email to our group and we can know what they want.

  • Make the order form

When you go there you need to prepare what you going to say when you meet them and you need to have order form because if someone want to buy they can write their name,email,how many, what kind of design and the color and they can write on our order form and we can give our business to them too. If they want to buy our product we can tell they more what day that our finish and what place that we give to them.

  • Finish some example to show them

If you go to sell to some place you need to have some example to show them because they and know what our product look like and for our product they can know that our product is have good quality or not.



Critically read and interpret information from a range of infographic thus enhancing students’ contextual and global knowledge and understanding.

  1. Extract and interpret conclusions from infographics, tables, and charts;
  2. Extend student frames of reference by considering data and information from a range of geographic locations and topics;
  3. Create infographics that reflect important visual, content and knowledge components;

Human History

  • Name of Course – Human History

    Learning Facilitator: Max

  • Course Description: This course covers human evolutionary history.  It emphasizes the power of time, collective learning and evolution. The course will draw heavily from resources provided by the big history project. Students begin by looking at how their time on earth compares with the time humans have been on earth. They then look at evolutionary mechanisms, primates and the great apes. The students end the course looking at early humans and neanderthals.


Name of Course – Botany

Learning Facilitator: JoJo

Course Description: The goal of the botany enrichment is to expose students to a specific branch of biology and scientific thinking and increase their knowledge about plants and the critical role they play on Earth.  Ideally the students walk away with a new appreciation and understanding of plants.

The students will become familiar with plant anatomy and the function of different plant parts.  The class is structured around the plant cycle:  We begin by studying dormant seeds and the function of the seed. We then explore the process of germination.  Students then learn about the roots and the stem and their functions. We then study the leaf, with a focus on photosynthesis. Finally students explore the anatomy of the flower and plant.

In botany I learned about plant and how do plant work and why it important to living thing on earth. In the class I have a lot of question that I wonder when I learn science most of the time I have more question to help myself to understand. When I learned in botany we had experiment with plants for a compile time before we started the experiment first we had some question like what happen if we put the plant in some where that don’t have wind or light what going to happen. After 3 to 4 day we come to check out experiment and we saw the plant is growing but the leaves is yellow. I thought that went the plant get the sunlight it will have green but when it don’t have sunlight it yellow and it will die. The plant need the soil to grow because the soil have a lot of nutrient and it help the plant to grow taller.

when we grow it on the paper it still grow but growing slowly. I still wanted to know why when the plant have sunlight it green. When I learn in Ecology and Zoology I don’t know why but when I learn in botany I knew that in the leaf of the plant it have a special cell that call Chlorophyll.     


Name of Course –  Zoology

Learning Facilitator:  Jojo

Course Description:  This course begins with a study of all life – what does it mean to “have life”? Students learn about prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells and the 5 major kingdoms of life (Bacteria, Protists, Plants, Animals and Fungi).  The course then transitions to focus entirely on the animal kingdom.  Students will become familiar with various animal groups. We begin by studying invertebrates (Phylum Porifera, Cniderians, Molluscs, Arthropods…) and work our way towards the vertebrates (Amphibians, Fish, Reptiles…)  For each animal group students will learn about distinguishing characteristics of the animals in that group, their behavior and various habitats where they are found.  Finally, students will walk away with an understanding of evolution by adaptation, global ecosystems and ecological relationships.

In zoology we learned about Prokaryotic Cell and Eukaryota Cell. Prokaryotic cell make  of one prokaryotic cell and it have just bataria that are in prokaryotic group. Eukaryotic make of one or more eukaryotic cell and in the group that in eukaryotic have animal, plant, bird, reptile, amphibian and protist is the organism that are made of single eukaryotic cell. Also we had learned about invertebrate group it mean don’t have backbone and vertebrate group is the group that have backbone. In the invertebrate group we had learned about


In biology I had learn about the organism include animals and plant cell and the organelle . I and my group member start to research about the organelle that usually have in animal and plant.
-Nucleus (Nucleolus)                                                                             2000px-Biological_classification_L_Pengo_vflip.svg
-Endoplasmic Reticulum(ER)
-Cell membrane
-Cell wall

I reascarch about Michotocondira and I know that Mitochondria is the organelle that have their own cell membrane but it is not a cell. Mitochondria generated the energy. In Mitochondria have H2O and enzymes. Mitochondria need:                                                                                                           Oxygen+Lipid+Carbohydrate=Energy