I Go To An Unusual School

Date:Friday/ 04/ September/ 2015
English writing

I go to unusual school. This school is called Liger Learning Center (LLC). LLC is located in a suburb of Phnom Penh. In Liger there are 50 students that were selected from many provinces. In Liger almost all students the are boarding students. LLC has many different types subjects such as Khmer, Literacy, Math, Science and Explorations. Exploration is one of the subjects that Liger uses to improve student skills. Most explorations explore outside to understand what do our projects look like and how can we get more experience by field trips? Liger is my dream school Liger not only teaches me but Liger also helps me to be a good person and teaches me how to become a good person and good leader. LLC educates the students and wants to change Cambodia and now all the students have started to help change Cambodia through unusual projects such as recycle community, provide which is the english lesson to the community students. I like to go to this unusual school because I can do many things that I never done before like programming and design our own portfolio.