In leadership we had learned and has some research about electricity we learn that the electricity that it help the people in Cambodia also it very dangerous to people mostly the kids because the kids like to play with iron. When they put that stuff with electricity it will shock them also the water can not be with electricity too. After we had understood the electricity we make a lesson to teach the student at the rural area. We had to trip to Ta keo to teach the student at Green Umbrella and we get some experience to teach the kid about this electricity problem. Also we went to Kampot to teach the student too. In this class we focus on electricity but we had a trip to some province to teach them because we want to get experiment with how to be the leader. Leadership if represent to the people that are the leader so we can understand how hard it is to be the leader. Electricity is one of the biggest problem that Cambodia facing with so we decide to teach the kid about electricity and share some experiment with them. Teaching is not just giving knowledge but it also help us to become and strongly at leadership. leadership teaching