Writing Couplets

Life is like a wave, we need to be brave to fight struggles. I left my home to the forest and I try my best to find a red flower. I go up on the mountain to see a red plant that has a bright spot sand. Walking across a waterfall seeing a beetle just like a red flower. I wish I could get that flower but I never reach to that power. Suddenly, I fall into the hole……

I fall in love with you but I don’t know who you are

I fall in love with you seen my first year in Liger. But I don’t know who you are. I always dream about you every night but still, I can not figure it out who you are. I always traveled around the country and see many things in my own eyes. But they are not who I want. Even I heard about you I still want to meet and stay with you. I always spent time looking and research about you but it so dark that I can not find you. The route is too small and no light at all to guide me to meet you. One day I realized that you always around me. I keep research about you and asking people about you and they tell me that you are close to me. I want to stay with you and see the full bright moon together. And finally I know who you are and you are the nature and the trees around me. My love to you is unusual, everyone said to me that I’m crazy but I still love you. You are the one who inspired me to understand who I am today.


Carbon in Cambodia

This year I involved in the exploration called Carbon in Cambodia. In this exploration, we tried to calculate our school carbon footprint and tried to find out whether Liger is neutral or not. In our class, we divided into three small teams such as International Polar Bears, International Carbon Footprints, and Green School. International Polar Bears was a team who participated in a polar bear competition where we tried to come up with the solutions to help to reduce the carbon emission. International Carbon Footprints was a team that worked on calculating the student’s emission. Green School was a team who worked on calculating the carbon emissions in Liger. So we tried to calculate the carbon that we released every year and compare it to the tree that absorbs that carbon. As a result, in order to make Liger as a neutral school, we need to plant about 6,000 more trees to balance with our carbon emissions. What I love about this exploration was that we were independent and at the end of the week the teams came together to educate each other about our progress. I was involved in the International Polar Bears project, we came up with the idea of reducing the food waste in our campus. So we set up a three weeks experiment where we calculate the food waste and turned it into a carbon emission.      


Poem about Life

Be my own life

I play my life in my own destiny, I know what it is to be myself. You push me to the next level but you never know how I feel. Thank you for helping but just keep thinking the way you help me. Being expert doesn’t mean you need to be the master but being a failure is the way to success. Don’t guide me the same as you guide yourself, you and I are different so what I complain is the way you put me to you. I know who am I, you and I apply in different directions. Don’t say that I’m wrong if you just think about yourself.  

I feel my eyes the same as I feel my future. The way I think it just a dream but the way I act it’s a decision in my life. What I see it’s not always the truth but when it becomes the truth is after I explored it. My opinion it just a theory but what I see is just a dream. The decision that I make it’s not the same as my expectation but I still carry on in my life. I noticed that failure never exists but what actually exist after you fail is an experience. This quote keeps me carrying on in my life.