Writing Couplets

Life is like a wave, we need to be brave to fight struggles. I left my home to the forest and I try my best to find a red flower. I go up on the mountain to see a red plant that has a bright spot sand. Walking across a waterfall seeing a beetle just like a red flower. I wish I could get that flower but I never reach to that power. Suddenly, I fall into the hole……

I fall in love with you but I don’t know who you are

I fall in love with you seen my first year in Liger. But I don’t know who you are. I always dream about you every night but still, I can not figure it out who you are. I always traveled around the country and see many things in my own eyes. But they are not who I want. Even I heard about you I still want to meet and stay with you. I always spent time looking and research about you but it so dark that I can not find you. The route is too small and no light at all to guide me to meet you. One day I realized that you always around me. I keep research about you and asking people about you and they tell me that you are close to me. I want to stay with you and see the full bright moon together. And finally I know who you are and you are the nature and the trees around me. My love to you is unusual, everyone said to me that I’m crazy but I still love you. You are the one who inspired me to understand who I am today.


Poem about Life

Be my own life

I play my life in my own destiny, I know what it is to be myself. You push me to the next level but you never know how I feel. Thank you for helping but just keep thinking the way you help me. Being expert doesn’t mean you need to be the master but being a failure is the way to success. Don’t guide me the same as you guide yourself, you and I are different so what I complain is the way you put me to you. I know who am I, you and I apply in different directions. Don’t say that I’m wrong if you just think about yourself.  

I feel my eyes the same as I feel my future. The way I think it just a dream but the way I act it’s a decision in my life. What I see it’s not always the truth but when it becomes the truth is after I explored it. My opinion it just a theory but what I see is just a dream. The decision that I make it’s not the same as my expectation but I still carry on in my life. I noticed that failure never exists but what actually exist after you fail is an experience. This quote keeps me carrying on in my life.