Tree is my friend

I see I smell, I taste, I touch, I hear

I taste, I touch

I see, I smell

And I hear


I see your face in my eye

I smell your flower that almost die

I taste your fruit under a dark sky

I touch your branch before you say goodbye

Suddenly, BANG, BANG BOOM!  I hear the cutting sound that makes me want to cry  


I see, I smell, I taste, I touch, I hear


I promise you, I will fight for your destiny

I will fight for what you want to be

Everything is possible as long as human stop being crazy


I hear, I touch, I taste, I smell, I see


I still want to hear about you

I still want to touch your leave that always new  

I still want to taste your lovely fruit more than two  

I still want to smell your blooming flower with a good view

I still want to see you


This is my last word for who always want to destroy you (trees)

And this message will never end it always true  

You can let yourself down

But don’t let your mine drought

The action of cutting the tree

Is the same way of destroying the view that you always want to see

Don’t Kill

Try to feel

And being a shield

Stop cut

And don’t make the forest being shut  

Imagine about the environment in the past  

The place where you can learn and explore outside of class

Organisms like plant and animal is a powerful free source

You can learn from it because it’s a free course

Take out your dirty mind

And give my friends a freedom and kind