Young Youth in Toyota Impact Challenge

It was a great start to my new year at the Liger Academy Leadership. On Thursday, August 2019, I was attempted in the event called Toyota Impact Challenge. There were many young innovators who try to create solutions to challenges surrounding: transport, smart cities, road safety, and environment. It was a semi-final, where each team tried to pitch their ideas and business model toward the four main topics listed above. I would say their idea their business model was really impressive. My favorite idea was a SmartBin project, this idea helps to encourage the citizen to throw the bottles into a proper bin that is listed on the SmartBin. What unique about this project is that every time people throw a bottle into the bin they’ll receive some points that could use to buy other items. Beside from the pitching, during a break time, I also did a networking with a young Cambodian guy who is running a project called “Tosrean”, which mean let’s learn. This system helps a student to find a private teacher to teach them one on one. From this extraordinary experience, I learned a lot from different ideas to solve the issue in Cambodia but as well from the presentation from each team, it gave me a broader understanding of a business.