The most Powerful Tool to Convince People

The 2018-2019 school was a great journey to be part of the statistic math class. This is obviously a college-level source that I took. It was a great experience to learn the course because unlike other math subjects, the statistic is more advanced in terms of data analyzing and reading comprehension. The statistic course had changed my way of thinking to be more aware when interpreting data from the outside sources. Stats are very powerful and it is a key technique to convince people to believe in you. We’ve been using the AP stats book and as well KhanAcadmey as a resource to practice and drill down each unit. The bellow attachments are the main unit that I had completed in KhanAcademy.

SAT Preparation

The senior will have an official SAT test soon on either October or March, it is really necessary to practice as much as we could to get prepared and be ready to the test. Coach Larry Gelwix once said, “Practice doesn’t make perfect. Practice makes permanent.” This quote is really fundamental in a test like SAT. We need to practice a lot and as well finding an efficient way to solve different problems in SAT. This is what SAT all about, practice, speed, and efficient with the strategy to apply. We had two weeks of SAT boot camp with the students from America who had been trained and experienced this test. It was really helpful because we had many tips and practices from our two mentors. In the essential math class, we continue to practice and build our test-taking strategy on the subjects such as Circle Theorem, Trigonometry, Unit Circle, Imaginary Number, Function, and Quadratic. In my math class, I spend a huge chunk of my time on quadratic using both Khan Academy and Desmos to do self-learning on this important skill in SAT.   

Math SAT Practice

On the 14th, October, 2017, the senior cohort had the SAT practice test where we took the reading session, language usage session and lastly math session. It was really difficult for both math and literacy. Some of the questions in math session I haven’t learned about it yet. So during the math class, we went over some of the questions and we started to do some practices of the math unit that we struggle with during the test. Moreover, we just KhanAcademy to practice our SAT and prepare to learn the unit that is essential to the test.