Competent Holds Women Back

The author of “One Plus One Equals Three” stated, “Women are smarter than men and that is a problem.”

Men are confidence, they are overestimated their abilities.
Women are competent, they are underestimated their abilities.

Men care more about the result.
Women care more about being perfect and correct.

Females tend to be more competent, perfect with both ability and performance and that is the issue that holds their back. They underestimate themselves, lack of confidence to take the test, job interview, play sports, asking questions and they won’t take the risk unless they are assured it is perfect or 100 percent.

In fact, men tend to be more confident because they care more about the result, taking risks, not restricted, not asking for permission and not being perfect; they just want what they want.

We always stated that men are dominated the society which is true, but is it a problem because of men or is it women who are overthinking themselves. Sheryl Sandberg, a Chief Operating Officer of Facebook, said, “It wasn’t men who hold women back, it was women who are holding women back.”

Women care more about being perfect than the result. Usually, women second guess themselves before they make an attempt.
They follow the rules, they want to be as perfect as possible, despite it pulls them down instead.

According to The Atlantic, it’s stated, that women working at Hewlett-Packard, the computers and electronic company found that women applied for a promotion job when they meet 100 percent of the qualifications. In contrast, men are happy to apply when they could meet 60 percent of the job requirements.

“Women were smarter than men and that was the problem.
Women would listen more carefully to what was said.
Women would respond more thoughtfully.
Women would pay more attention, answer the question, solve the problem.
Women would underestimate their abilities.

It’s not thinking.
It’s overthinking.

Men wouldn’t do any of that.
Men aren’t listening to anyone else.
Men are just concentrating on what they wanted.
Men are overestimating their abilities.
And it worked.”

What caused the women to feel that way, care more about being perfect?

Based on Bright Network, it’s stated, the women are taught to be head down, follow the rules when they were young from high school to college. Moreover, the experiences and pressure from the society that put on women; this can contribute to a lack of confidence since they experienced the adverse of not being perfect.
Boys are making more mistakes than girls because they are confidence and that process of failure lead to an important consequence for them; it’s building their confidence to accept failure and taking the risk.

It’s now 2018, it is time for women to get out of this fear of underestimation, the fear that keeps them away from the opportunities, from success and from this world. Women should be like men, focus more on being confident, not competent.

No one will raise women up beside women, so they should stop underestimate their abilities but instead show their skills, their confidence and the capability of their work. Not only that, but women should shout for their works, fight for it, to pursue their dream.

Confident should be first and competent should be second.