College Preparation

My graduation date will be on June 2020, so college isn’t that far from me where I am now. In the literacy class, we had learned about writing a formal email, create our own resume, and doing a college interview. We had written a formal email to a fake company that our teacher made it up, my email was about asking for the internship opportunity in the company. I had a chance to read my classmates writing to learn and giving feedbacks. We moved on to another subject which was writing our own resume and doing a college interview. It was my first resume writing, I got to learn about the structure while also show cast my projects in the writing so that it stands out from others. Lastly, I had a college interview simulation with one of the volunteers here, at Liger. The interview was formal, I needed to dress up nicely and be prepared for the questions from the administration. After experienced all of this, I felt more confident to reach out to people but as well believe in myself to persuade and sale myself during the interview.

Mengthong Long_Resume-Writing

First Statistic Class

This school year, it was my first class for introductory statistics which sound really complicated to me, as a student who has no idea about this college-level subject. A statistic is nothing connected to algebra, it’s another level of math which requires dot-connecting, analyzing, and comprehension skill to understand and extract the knowledge of new concepts from the statistic books. The correlation coefficient (R) is one of the hardest and exiting unit so far from the past two months of learning in this course. We learned to look at different scatterplots data and a linear regression line to understand how does the explanatory and response variables correlate with each other. Using the correlation formula to calculate the R-value is impossible and it kind of wasting our time. So calculator features come to be really handy to run the the two-variable stats, graph the scatter plot and calculate the linear regression line’s equation. Our group had sent out a survey to ask the students and facilitators for a data sample that we could use to find different the correlation between the two variables. I was involved in finding the correlation between the number of siblings versus the number of friends on Facebook. I really enjoyed learning about the statistic since it isn’t just about a number but it taught me to be a better person to be able to analyze data and make a good usage out from the skill.       

Cellular and Molecular Biology

The second unit 2 of our Ap Biology course was mainly about a cell. From my background of learning at Liger for 6 years, I exposed a lot to the science field related cell. For the introduction part of learning about each organelle’s function was mainly review. However, after completed the cell unit there were so many exciting concepts that I enjoyed learning about. The new concepts that I enjoyed learning the most were the signaling transduction pathway, cellular respiration, fermentation, and photosynthesis. Cells are smart and really complex to understand, especially, the concepts listed above. But how each processed form was really unique and precise. For instance, the process of signaling transduction pathway is that in order for a reaction to happen it requires a different step; the ligand has to bind with the protein receptor which creates another process of reaction. And the process in the transduction will continue to create another reaction until the final step for the cell to response the signal. At the same time, we had a minilab of fermentation. We set up an experiment of yeast and different sources of sugar and placed it together in different flasks. After two hours of experiment, I saw the ballon with air inside which was carbon dioxide. Furthermore, we had another mini lab to understand the concept of photosynthesis since one of the product from the light-reaction was oxygen. So for our experiment, we set up a leave inside the water and leave it under the sunlight. It turned out the lab was working, I was surprised when a small so many tiny bubbles which indicate the oxygen as a waste product from photosynthesis.


Doing Labs Help to Understand New Concepts in Chemistry Course

Over the past few weeks in the chemistry course, I had continued and built up my knowledge on this subject area. We had been learning about bonding, Lewis structures, VSEPR, balancing the equation and calculate the limiting reactant. There were so many new concepts that I sometimes found it hard to catch up with the class, however, with a lot of practices on a worksheet on the unit and doing a few labs those new concepts had become easy to understand. For instance, I did a lot of determining the bonding by doing two different experiments. The first one was Solubility in water where we placed different substances into the water and base on the reaction and the bonding characteristics we could determine the substances bond. The second lab was melting the same substances on fire and also determine its bonding. In addition, we recently had another lab where we made out own s’more and we used the concept in the lab to understand and practice the concepts of balancing the equation and determine the limiting and excess reactants in our lab. I these mini-labs because I enjoy learning and visualize the new concept I had learned in the course of chemistry.