This I believe

When I was about 7 years old I lived happily with my parents, my grandma and my other two brothers. We lived together, helping each other and enjoy our life in our small community. My father was delighted person when I need something he always gives me. I still remembered the time when he made me an amazing wooden top toy. I played with my neighbor happily from day to day after school. A year later he left the family because he needed to work at other places. A few months later he was sick, so he came back home. My family and my relative tried to get him to the hospital and the doctors tried their best to save his life. But still they couldn’t save him and from that time he left me alone forever. In that time I feel really depressed and I could not talk at all. After my father passed away I learned an important lesson from that experienced which was open mind. I accepted the truth and I tried to not care much about it and still carry on my life with my family. Because of that experienced, that’s why I’m here, learning in a wonderful school that everyone dreams to come.   

Everyone is not perfect but everyone has a reason why do they act that way. I’m really lucky to have an opportunity to come to learn in the Liger Learning Center with many other students around Cambodia. We live together with a happy life and joyful friendship but at the same time, we also faced many problems with each other. But that’s normal, everyone makes mistake but we need to keep in mind that blaming and shouting to each other is not the best solution. I believe that being a person who has an open mind and looking for a beneficial solution for everyone is the best behavior that everyone should have.

  I experienced many problems from the past five years living in Liger. I noticed that myself and my friends when we have a conflict with each other sometimes we used violent words and disrespectful attitude to each other. Furthermore, I know that teenager reacted quickly and act what their feeling tell them to do. I’m also a teenager, sometimes I experienced and acted the same way as other teenagers feel. But now I’m different, I treat myself to become an open mind person, I understand the phrase of being an open mind person clearly which lead me to treat myself to react differently. Moreover, I experienced that when someone does something wrong to you, you started to feel angry, burning in your body and you can not ignore the problem. As a human being, we’re smart enough to control our self. However, sometimes we can not do anything about it. I, myself highly recommend everyone especially the teenagers to have the behavior of being an open mind person. Changing someone’s behavior is not the easiest thing to do in this world. But it’s not impossible and it’s late to change your behavior, your attitude and if you treat yourself carefully one day you will get it. Lastly, this is important maybe you think that it’s not important right now but in the future, you will need it in your career.


This year we are focusing on speaking especially students pronunciation. In one week I have three pronunciation classes two days in Essential time and one day in expertise time.  Jan is our pronunciation teacher. He taught us to speak clearly, slowly and louder. In a few weeks I learned how to pronounce letter ‘V’ and ‘W’. It’s really difficult for me to pronounce those words and it confused me a lot. I tried to use those words in the correct pronunciation every day I speak those words. Now I’m really confident with those words. But I need to work on other things like pronounce the last consonant, pronounce the word to in correct sound and other fluency.

Some exercises that we used to improve our fluency like singing, do some recording and choose the words those are difficult for me to pronounce. We also practice our pronunciation by  some  books.

My favorite part of the pronunciation class are pronounce the word that used only mouth to pronounce but not make any sound and let my partner guess the word. The other favorite part of this class is listening to the music with headphone and let my partner pronounce the word and let me guess it. It’s really hard for me to guess because I can’t hear any sound, so I need to understand my partner mouth.  


Minecraft Sonnet:

You changed your name but couldn’t change your face

You tied your shoes but couldn’t hide your feet

You have speed boost but couldn’t win the race

You used resistance to survive the heat

When play Skywar you fell into the void

When Play Sheep quest you always lost your sheep

Play Team Death Match you always have skills choice

You want Ultra but wait until it’s cheap

When build a house you want to use bedrock

When you are hungry you should get meat

When you play too much you always  get shocked

When play with Mod you never want to cheat

Playing Minecraft you need the Internet

We hope you really enjoyed our sonnet

By: Ketya and Mengthong

Dragonsitter Disasters Book

So in our literacy class, we divided into a small reading group and my team was reading the book called Dragonsitter Disasters Book. I enjoyed reading this book a lot with my teacher and friends. Moreover, my reading,  vocabulary, comprehension check was highly improving. One of my favorite part of this book was to learn about the dragon habit and all of the conflicts that the dragon-faced from one chapter to another.   

Creative Writing

A million years ago there was a female seahorse named Rapunzel. She was 68 years old. She was swimming in a deep ocean at the bright morning to find the food to eat like a normal day. The ocean was really bright and colorful and the beautiful colors glowed from the coral reef. When Rapunzel came out she saw a school of fish around there that made the ocean shine brightly. She saw many things like coral reefs, starfishes and sponges. But one day, when she came to find food like a normal day, along the way it seemed like there were no more organisms left in the ocean. She tried and tried to find food all day long but there was a scarcity of food. Even the small shrimp that were the main food for her were also gone. She thought in her mind and wondered what had happened to this ocean. Then she shouted out loud to the ocean: “why are there no more organisms left in here?” She shouted 2-3 times, then she stopped. She went to sleep in a cave with a sad face. When Rapunzel woke up, she swam to the surface of the ocean. Then she felt something moving nearby her and a gigantic dinosaur (which was a T-rex) popped up from the ocean with a loud screaming sound. When Rapunzel saw the T-rex, she stared at the dinosaur with a shocked emotion for a moment. She quickly swam to the cave that was under the ocean. Luckily that dinosaur didn’t see her, so she could escape from the T-rex easily. Now Rapunzel was really hungry because she hadn’t had food to eat for two days already. After a few hours, Rapunzel came out from the cave and went to find food with a careful move. She found a little shrimp stuck in a small hole and she picked it up and ate it quickly. Rapunzel went back to the cave and had a sleep; she dreamed about the T-rex again, and it was trying to catch her to eat. Rapunzel tried and tried to run away from the T-rex and finally she made it. She started to look around  her, but everything was just dark and quiet. Suddenly that T-rex just came up behind her and slowly got ready to eat her. She faced backwards and shouted loudly, then she woke up with a startled emotion. Rapunzel felt really scared, but she tried to calm down and swam to the surface of the ocean. ”Today the sky is really bright and there is a great smell of flowers around here that just bloomed last night,” she said. Immediately the ocean just shook stronger and stronger and the whole ocean started to spin like a tsunami disaster. The T-rex also got pulled down into that hole with Rapunzel. Then a bright light shone from the ocean and the ocean exploded with a strange loud song. Finally the T-rex and Rapunzel transformed to the strange animal that had never existed on Earth before. It had Rapunzel’s body and the head of the T-rex. People called this strange animal Searex and it never died of  natural causes, only if someone got the Gnohtgnem stone from Searex’s heart.


Ring A Bell

As a part of our literacy class, we had a lesson about the idioms. Because we are a second English learner we didn’t know much about the idioms. So I found out that this lesson was really crucial to the ability of my English. I learned so much from different idioms that all the students involved with the project. It was really easy to understand from the drawing and a small description from each idiom.  

I Go To An Unusual School

Date:Friday/ 04/ September/ 2015
English writing

I go to unusual school. This school is called Liger Learning Center (LLC). LLC is located in a suburb of Phnom Penh. In Liger there are 50 students that were selected from many provinces. In Liger almost all students the are boarding students. LLC has many different types subjects such as Khmer, Literacy, Math, Science and Explorations. Exploration is one of the subjects that Liger uses to improve student skills. Most explorations explore outside to understand what do our projects look like and how can we get more experience by field trips? Liger is my dream school Liger not only teaches me but Liger also helps me to be a good person and teaches me how to become a good person and good leader. LLC educates the students and wants to change Cambodia and now all the students have started to help change Cambodia through unusual projects such as recycle community, provide which is the english lesson to the community students. I like to go to this unusual school because I can do many things that I never done before like programming and design our own portfolio.


Critically read and interpret information from a range of infographic thus enhancing students’ contextual and global knowledge and understanding.

  1. Extract and interpret conclusions from infographics, tables, and charts;
  2. Extend student frames of reference by considering data and information from a range of geographic locations and topics;
  3. Create infographics that reflect important visual, content and knowledge components;