Internship Learning Skills

This internship had provided me an opportunity to improve my skills that are very crucial for living and working in a career. Not many students around at the age around 18-year-old able to go out and do work independently with other people. The skills that I gained from this internship were limitless, especially, the skills from living and working standpoint. People pay a lot of money just to learn all of these essential skills but I was already practice a lot of it from an astonishing internship. I was very independent, every Tuesday I need to organize my stuff before head to go to work. This is a real working experience, throughout the day I was taking initiative to ask for works and being mature when working with the nurse and the patients. When there were obstacles come in the way, I was independently figuring it out to solve the problem by myself. Managing my schedule and time between the internship and school was also something that I thought was important. While working in the hospital, I missed the class lessons the whole day, therefore, I need to sort out my time and schedule to meet with my teacher and catch up with the classes and projects. Lastly, the skill that I improved was my communication skills, when working in the hospital it is important that everyone was on the same page. And it was very important for me to update to them of what I was doing to check what I’m doing was the right thing to do and won’t cause any harm to patients.       

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