Coming of Age Narrative essay

In the literacy class, we learned in the unit of coming of age so I wrote the essay about my personal story that related to the topic of changing life moment. At the beginning of the essay, I started to form the sketch, since the beginning of the unit I had created the outline for my essay. In addition, in my outline, I just list down everything on top of my head to give me some ideas that I could include in the essay. Furthermore, one of my favorite part of the whole story was to include descriptive language with my writing. I enjoyed using different descriptive phrases and the word to paint the picture that I wanted to deliver to the readers. “It was an early morning, the sun rises up and the clear blue sky appears which illuminated the whole community. The white cloud moved slowly from one direction to another over the rusty clay roof. The birds flew around the old wooden house, around the trees, upon to the sky, it seemed like they were having too much fun with their families and friends. Today, my gramma house was really crowded. Everything was covered by the white and black fabric.”

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