Even though this exploration called Animation it doesn’t mean that at the beginning of the class we go straight to do animation. The animation is a slow process to lean and it required a lot of skills such as drawing, write story, storyboard and more. This exploration last only for 7 weeks, so we do not have much time to learn everything skills but we tried our best to learn as many skills as possible. As a part of the animation, it is essential to know how to draw because when you understand the process of drawing, the moment of the human body it will easy to do animation. Moreover, for our first 4 weeks, we just focus on drawing, we want to be a good drawer first before we learn about animation. We learned how to do a live drawing in 60 seconds. What we really want to do with live drawing was to be able to construct the line and understand the human moment. It was a new skill for me but now I feel more comfortable than before for drawing the movement of the face and body especially doing a live drawing.

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