2014/2015 Yearly Reflection

I think Cambodian people should not throw the rubbish in the river, road and eco-tourism place and beach (our government finds the money a lot from that). The government should develop the places that have a lot of rubbish and put more rubbish bin near that places. My solution was to write a book about it and in the book can talk about the drawback of throwing rubbish and promote them by TV, radio, and teaching in the school.  The big problem that I want to change is logging because nearly every time I went on trips I always saw the people had been cut the tree, especially in Mondulkiri province. I really like science and natural forest if, I have changed I will make more jobs for Cambodia to work and get money to support their family also educate the people that are corruption and let them stop. Also, educate the new generation to know about the disadvantage of logging and corruption and what will happen in future.  

After I think about the problem and solution in Cambodia I had many conversations with my friends especially education and technology in Cambodia. When we describe about education everyone shares their own idea to solve the problem and solution in the feature. One idea that I share with that conversation is teaching the student with more learning project and go to explore outside and the government should spend more money for teachers to support their family. When all teachers get enough money they will teach have a good lesson to teach and they will have more animation to share their knowledge with the students. In the future, if I can I will try to raising money and my own money for teacher and give the students to explore outside by the pre-trips.  

In my third years of learning in Liger, I had been changing Cambodia a lot. In agriculture exploration, I had a trip to Pursat for learned about agriculture in that time our whole groups also went to government schools to teach some English to the students. The thing that we teach them about study material and kitchen stuff. We had the strategies from Liger teacher that they taught us to teach the students in government school by using the pictures, let the student guess the pictures what in Khmer if they know English they can guess it. After one student guess, we told them the word in English and let them speak the word loudly 2-3 times.

I want to share my science knowledge about animals to students in Cambodia to understand about animals.  The exploration in this years was the animal guide and I like it because it was a new thing that happens for me also in Liger. We had been working on this project about 6 months to make a book about animals in Cambodia. This project can help a lot to Cambodian people who don’t about animals and this books will publish in all around Cambodia. This is the small step to educate Cambodian people from now and the future.

As a Cambodian and a change agent student I always want to create change in my own country. No matter how small or big it is, it always a good thing to do to create some sort of change in this country. In this school year, I started to understand more about change agent, I will try to involve more in the project that will help myself to learn but also create changes in Cambodia. I’m so proud of myself to get this amazing opportunity to learn in Liger. I learned so many things here so the knowledge that I had learned from this school will be useful to help others and create changes in this country.

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