Coding Game


This year at Liger I have a lot of coding classes. In the last round of Liger school year, I had participated in the economic game. Before I join this exploration team I need to take a brain test that really complicated and I need to get a curtain of the score in order to join the coding class. Finally, I can make it happen, so I’m one of the Liger coding members out of 16 students that also a team in the exploration. Before we actually have the exploration the Liger coding team had an expertise in coding, so we Skype with our mentor. He taught us about Github command, so then when we have an exploration we can use the Github website to share our code and interact with other teams. In the exploration, we divided into four teams which are user interface, tutorial, data, and engine team. In the tutorial team, we have four members and I’m one of them. Basically, the tutorial team is trying to create the tutorial to teach other people that learn to use the economic game. First, Michal shows us about the Javascript language and we use the as our learning resource for Javascript. We learned the basic stuff like variable, function, loop and so on. For our game, we use four languages and my difficulty was learning about Javascript. I have fun with my team and the whole group and I learned a lot from the coding exploration. Even though we didn’t finish the game but we tried our best to accomplish what we can do.

Our Economy project:

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